Pension solutions to meet the needs of employers and employees 

Employers and trustees have an important role to play to ensure that retirement works for everyone. Those with defined benefit (DB) plans face ever-growing risks such as low interest rates, 市场波动和寿命延长.

Whilst defined contribution (DC) plans address some of these concerns for employers, 风险被转移到员工身上, who are responsible for saving for their own retirement and exposed to the risk of low return.

We can help you assess your requirements and design and execute an efficient and flexible retirement programme – including customised plans, such as hybrid arrangements to suit your workforce.

  • 固定收益(DB)养老金计划 

    We provide thousands of defined benefit pension plans with valuable insights, trusted advice and practical support at every stage of the journey. Our global scale and extensive resources can help support you in any scenario, 同时提供定制的见解, guidance and support tailored to your plan’s needs.
  • 固定缴款(DC)养老金计划

    We offer DC pension plan and retirement solutions, including master trust and outsourced investment (CIO) services in many countries around the world. 我们可以帮你设计, plan and manage customised plans or you can implement a fully outsourced solution that aims to benefit the firm and your workforce. 

美世 CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2022

This report benchmarks 44 retirement income systems around the world, 突出挑战和机遇.


David Knox and CFA Institute's Margaret Franklin talk about the challenges and opportunities facing pension plans.


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    * 1 2022年6月30日,  2 2023年3月31日  3 2022年6月30日,  4 2022年6月30日


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